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submitted by: Sangu

My boyfriend and I spent last New Year’s Eve with a bunch of friends at a party. It was fun, but somebody spiked my drink heavily as a joke, and I wound up feeling horribly sick and throwing up all over the place. Danny and I had only been together for three months when this happened, and although I felt awful, I was still sensible enough to feel horribly embarrassed and insecure because of the state I was in.At one point, when I was in tears and overly emotional because of the whiskey in my drink, and there was throw-up on my chin, I sobbed into his shoulder and said: “How can you even look at me like this? You’ll never kiss me again!”
Danny laughed and said: “You’re beautiful. And you’ve never looked so adorable.” And without a hint of hesitation, he simply leaned down and kissed me.I realize now that it must have been disgusting for him, but he did it anyway just to make me feel better, and that meant more than anything else anyone else has ever said or done for me. It was the sweetest and most romantic kiss I’ve ever received.
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