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submitted by: Eddy Gilpin

My future wife and I shared our first kiss on a Sunday afternoon after I had practically demanded that she slide over and let me drive her around town.  After our little drive we went back to the parking lot where my car was parked.  Before leaving, I planted what I thought to be a rather memorable kiss on her.
Some years later (after we were married), we were engaged in a game of the Newlywed Game with other members of the church where we attend.  The ladies were “off stage” and the men were asked to tell the place where you shared your first kiss.  Rather boastfully I told of the situation surrounding ours and how she would never forget that moment.  The ladies were brought back in and when the question was asked, to my surprise and to the delight of my fellow participants, my wife said matter-of-factly “On my parents’ front porch.”  So much for my unforgettable moment.
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