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submitted by: Peter Bester

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When I think of you,
so many emotions run through my mind.
When I don’t hear from you,
so many concerns tear at me.
Like a mighty waterfall, fierce and thundering
a deafening roar –
spray enveloping everything around.
So am I surrounded by you.
Like a babbling brook,
slipping quietly over pebbles
gently flowing, gurgling.
Such is the peace you give to me.
Like a gentle breeze,
cooling a heated brow
caressing fevered skin.
So you calm my heart.
Like a summer sky,
glimmering sun warming the earth
shining its light around.
So you warm my soul.
Like the birds in the trees,
singing their happy songs
for all to hear.
So your voice cheers me.
Like a rose,
petals opening to release
it’s fragrance.
So your smile thrills me.
Like a precious gem,
glowing, polished, rare
admired by all who see it.
So your eyes inspire me.
Like the summer grasses,
waving gently in the breeze
inviting, fragrant, soft.
So you hair invites my touch.
Like a rare parchment,
fine and smooth to touch
finely woven, a work of art.
So your skin delights me.
Like the pulse of Africa,
ever present, powerful
a phenomenon unseen.
So your heart attracts me.
Everything you are
everything you do
each act of kindness
each look
each touch
every smile
every word
all combine to make me
love you more each day.
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