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Secretly Is All It Will Ever Be… Secretly

submitted by: Natasha Niemand

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Maybe it’s a sign

A sign that maybe I should start over

Only way I can do this, is to forget about every one

-it’s wrong, but it hurts

I like him…secretly he doesn’t like me back

I’ve seen him with my friend…secretly it hurts

Now he is attempting it to go for another…secretly I want to scream

Secretly…is that the only way I can do it?

Secretly…I will learn to love from afar

Secretly…it will hurt every time I see him

Secretly…I’m not allowed to see him, my own stupidity

Secretly…is all it will ever be…secretly

Secretly…I don’t want to see him, because it hurts

Secretly…I want to scream

Secretly…it comes from inside

Secretly…it will boil to the boil of boils

Secretly…I will explode

Secretly…no one will know

But secretly…I’ll keep this secret a feeling to my heart

Secretly…to myself

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