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Tips & Ideas

A Groovy Kind of Love

submitted by: Phil Collins

When I was a kid in Charlottesville, VA, every weekend my brother and I would go to Bodo’s Bagels to get the most delicious bagels in the world!  Every Saturday, without fail, we would wait in the long lines (very popular place) and I would order a cinnamon raisin bagel with extra cream cheese, and devour it ever so slowly to relish in its incredible yumminess!  We moved away from Charlottesville when I was 15 and every time I have eaten a bagel since then, a certain disappointment creeps in and I will regal anyone I am accompanied by on my wonderful memories of Bodo’s and their delicious bagels.
Now, fast forward 10 years later and I am 8 months pregnant (in July!) with my first child.  I am suffering from the hormonal blues; I’m tired, swollen, and just plain miserable.  At the time, my husband and I were living in Centreville, VA outside D.C..  My husband gently coerced me into a car ride, promising a comfortable and air-conditioned ride.  The thought of being stuck in a car in the summer heat did not thrill me but I figured I owed him for being so crabby lately.
I fell asleep about 1/2 hour into the ride.  When I awoke an hour later, I looked around in sleepy confusion and felt a tinge of familiarity with my surroundings.  It took a few minutes for me to realize that we were approaching Charlottesville!!  I looked at him bewildered and he said to me, “I thought a bagel might cheer you up!”  In that instant, I was more in love with him than ever before.  The pregnancy blues slipped away while we sat and slowly enjoyed our cinnamon bagels… with extra cream cheese.
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