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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Diana Brewster

About three years ago, during Valentine’s Day, my husband did the sweetest thing for me. I was borderline diabetic and had to stay away from sugar — this included chocolate. Of course, Valentine’s Day just isn’t Valentine’s without chocolate. So, my husband went out and bought a half dozen, locally made, sugar free, assorted┬áchocolates.

He went home and wrapped them all up in aluminum foil to where they looked like large Hershey’s kisses. He then placed them in a box with red ribbons and other hard, sugar free candy. You can imagine my delight when I came home and found a box of yummy chocolate all for me to indulge in. I can now eat chocolate again,┬ábut I would rather have the home made gift that my husband made for me rather than See’s candy any day!

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