With Flower Petals

With Flower Petals


submitted by: Michael Webb - Founder, www.TheRomantic.com


romantic yellow flower petal ideas 39 different ideas using flower petals romantic ideaWhen one thinks of using flowers to be romantic they typically imagine a bouquet of roses or other flowers. In my opinion, a more romantic usage of flowers is with their petals. Here’s a list of 39 things you can do with them:

* Tossed on the bed
* Floating in the bath
* Making a trail
* On top of ceiling fans
* Decorating a dessert
* Rose petal massage
* Writing a loving message on rose petals
* Covering yourself with petals, and nothing else
* Put on the sun visor
* Strewn throughout the car
* Hidden in the glove box
* Used as packing material for a gift
* Take flowers you received – dry and make into potpourri
* Made into a candle
* Create a bar of soap using petals
* Used in a salad (some flowers are edible)
* Put in pockets, purses, briefcases as a clue of something special coming up
* Worn in your hair – gee, smells terrific
* Bring some to restaurant and put on table
* Hot glue to a picture frame
* Sprinkled in a packed lunch
* Sew or hot glue onto lingerie
* Write out a message with petals
* Inside an envelope with a card or letter
* Used to decorate a picture you drew
* Floating in a bowl of water – with or without floating candles
* Put in a shadowbox with other items
* Placed in a book your sweetheart is reading
* Sprinkled in the underwear drawer
* Tickle your mate with rose petals
* Frozen for future uses
* Put inside balloons – if you put inside clear balloons, slightly wet the inside of the balloon and the petals will stick to the sides for a dramatic effect — or keep dry if you want someone to pop the balloon
* Surrounding your mate with petal while he or she is sleeping
* In luggage for someone traveling alone
* In a crock pot with a little water for a beautiful smell
* Put in a glass of champagne
* Frozen in an ice block for champagne or centerpiece
* Make candied edible petals by rolling in wet sugar
* Dried and placed in a decorative jar or vase
* Make a homemade card by gluing on petals
* Tossed into a fire – enjoy the scent


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