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submitted by: Brandee Holcomb

This game started one night when we were laying at the side of a road [it was a dead end so it was really quite and peaceful]. We were looking up at the at the stars and he said we had better be getting in soon. I looked at him with despair and he could tell I didn’t want to go yet. Call me crazy but I was just really enjoying laying there with him and getting to talk to him with no distractions.
I asked him if he wanted to play a game and said it depended on which one I wanted to play. I said it’s called the I love game. [I made it up in my head about 3 seconds before I asked if he wanted to play. Haha]
I told him there were no rules, no winners and no losers. looking at me with quite a confused face, he said “it doesn’t sound like much of a game at all…”
I looked at him and said all you have to do tell me what you love about me or about our relationship and being with me! To ease up the tension I would go first.
It’s as simple as “I love the way you curl up to me at night” or “I adore the way you look into my eyes when you tell me how much you love me.”
At first I didn’t know where this would go, but I just wanted to be with him out there a little longer. Hours later, we found ourselves still taking turns telling each other what we loved about one another. Now, sometimes when he can’t sleep at night, he’ll roll over, wake me up, and say some random thing about our relationship that he loves. It soon turns into that night on the side of the road where we play a “game” that…”isn’t much of a game at all!”
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