Creative Valentine's Day Cards

Creative Valentine's Day Cards


submitted by: Denise Afssa


king-playing-card-card-idea-romantic-valentines-day-ideaI recently made my husband a hand-made Valentine card. I used pink construction paper like we used in grade school, oh the memories! 

Adding a round white doily with a bright red heart shaped doily inside was a special, old-fashioned touch. I was giddy with the joy of making the card for him! My husband is Egyptian, so I put a stamped picture of King Tut inside the heart, and wrote, KING OF MY HEART on the top!

I put bright red lipstick on, and for a special, personal touch kissed the card a few times, so my ‘kiss’ would remain for him! I added stencils of hearts and wedding rings, as well as stamps of Cleopatra (me!) and some other meaningful things for him. Signing it, xoxo, your loving wife.


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