Creative Valentine's Day Cards

Creative Valentine's Day Cards


submitted by: Kate Fischer


Cassette tapeLast Valentines Day I thought that after giving my partner cards for so many years I wanted to do something different.  After much deliberation, what I did was get a blank tape that was wound back to the beginning.  I then cut the tape and unwound it almost to the end.  Using a silver pen, I wrote a message to my partner saying Happy Valentines Day and how much I loved him etc on this tape.  I waited for it to dry, then wound the tape back up.  I left a small piece of the tape hanging out and made a tag saying “Pull me” on the end.

I gave it to him with his present and he absolutely loved it 🙂 Doing something like this shows that you put time and creativity into your relationship, and I guarantee your partner will love you even more for it!


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