Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


submitted by: Destiny


valentine disaster crying girl fingerMy ex-husband and I were celebrating our first Valentine’s together as a married couple. I had his gift neatly wrapped in a bag to give him. In my family, it’s tradition to say, “Hold out your hands and close your eyes so I can give you a big surprise.” So I said that to my then-husband as I got ready to give him his gift.  He had seen it was in a bag so he thought it would be funny to hold out a finger (to hang the bag from) instead of his hands. His humor also led him to believe that the finger should be his middle finger so he would be flipping me off. I cried and cried thinking how mean that was to “give the finger” to your new bride on what should have been such a special and memorable holiday. I don’t even remember the gift; I only remember how upset he made me.


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