Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day


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magnifying glass scavenger hunt valentines day ideasRecently, my dear hubby and I saw the movie National Treasure. We enjoyed it so much, that the next day (a Saturday) my husband woke my up with a “clue”. I had to figure out the clue in order to make my way to the next clue, and so forth. I found about 18 clues in all, and my prize at the end, was getting to choose the restaurant of my choice for Valentines day!
I had such a great time with the scavenger hunt, that the next day I did the same for my hubby. His last find was a sheet of paper on which I had put picture of things I knew he wanted down one column (the Star Wars trilogy on DVD, the Olive Garden logo, etc.) and folded it, and cut slits so that “doors” covered up the prized, when he found it, I told him to pick a door to open and what ever prize he opened was what I would get him for Valentine’s day.
So for Valentines day, we are going to eat at Red Lobster, and he is getting the Star Wars trilogy on DVD. Of course, I will still get him a small surprise. But we had such a great time with our scavenger hunts, that we are looking forward to more of them in the future
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