Best Relationship Books

Michael Webb has written numerous best-selling ebooks on the subject of romance, lovemaking and relationships. He also publishes titles by other great relationship authors.

Some of the titles are also available in Spanish French and German


What you ABSOLUTELY MUST know about the person you are with. This ebook also comes with a free 300 Days of Questions e-course. Click here for more info.


If you want the deepest intimacy and the most sizzling sex — ask your partner these questions.  I guarantee you’ll love what happens next. Click here for more info.


This is the ultimate trilogy. If men want amazing sex, then all they need to do is become virtuoso lovers. Men who learn how to give their wife the sex experience they crave will have hot, pulsating sex available to them whenever they desire.  Click here for more info.


Finally, a book of lovemaking tips that isn’t raunchy or crude. Since it was launched in late 2003, it has been a huge bestseller. Click here for more info.

Fellatioimage003 can be one of the most mind-blowing experiences for men – or one of the most disappointing.  Learn how to give your man the most satisfying oral pleasure possible. Click here for more info.

sexhouse1You don’t have to visit any adult toy store either in person or online to spice up your lovemaking.  There are literally over 150 items all throughout the house that can add a little zest and zing to your love life.  Click here for more info.

image005How to approach women without fear…

  • How to start conversations with ease…
  • How to keep interesting conversations going…
  • How to avoid awkward silences…
  • What topics to talk about on dates…
  • And how to flirt so that women feel attracted to you…


Going down on your woman might just give her the most earth-shattering orgasm imaginable… but only if you do if correctly.  Very few men know what women REALLY want down there. Be one of the few.


Have you ever had a dull date? No more. This book features nearly 6 years worth of creative date nights. Tips on first dates and asking someone out for a date too. Click here for more info.


1 surefire way to add spice to your sex life is with a little sexy talk in the bedroom.  We’ll give you the words, phrases and all the secrets you need to know to make your partner explode with ecstasy.  Click here for more info.


Want amazing orgasms? Then you have to have great foreplay.  Try out these 100 Great Sex Games and you’ll not only reconnect and have lots of fun, the pent up passion will result in spine-tingling sensations you probably have never experienced before. Click here for more info.


The most popular book on proposal ideas. Over 100 winning stories – photographs included. Click here for more info.

Blissful_4There are a lot of books on the market that will tell you how to have a good marriage but not many that will share with you the secrets of GREAT marriages. Click here for more info.

Sequel to the above best seller. Fans have been begging for more secrets and now they are available. Click here for more info.

The wBetterWay_4ay most people date actually hurts their relationship without them realizing it. Oprah expert, Michael Webb reveals the dating techniques and styles used by those who end up having the best marriages. Click here for more info.

gethimback2There are few things that are more devastating than losing the man you love and adore. You need someone who really understands men and relationships to help you get your man back. Michael Webb is one of the most trusted relationship experts. Click here for more info.

She’s left you and there is a 99% chance that it is mostly your fault. Michael Webb holds no punches gettingherback4as he gives men the advice they need to get her back – for good this time. Click here for more info