A veteran of over 500 hundred radio and television shows, Michael Webb has caught the attention of media worldwide and has become the world’s foremost romance expert and advocate.  He is the author of 18 best-selling books on the relationship topics of love, marriage, dating and sex.

He has appeared on Oprah, Fox News, ABC News, The Gayle King Show, 700 Club and The Other Half tv shows just to name a few.

Here are just a few quotes about Michael and his Romantic industry.

“Want to become the man of every woman’s wildest fantasy? Well, all you gotta do is read The Romantic.” – Chicago Daily Herald

“The master of romance.” – Dallas Morning News

“Sorry ladies, this gem of a husband (Michael Webb) is reserved for a long, long time.”- The Sunday Portland Oregonian

“You are so fantastic!!!” – Gayle King, The Gayle King Show

“Passion-impaired men will be brimming with inspiration after reading The Romantic, with enough tips to win even the least sentimental guy some brownie points.” – Woman’s Own Magazine

“An authority on romance.” – New Man Magazine

“The Romantic isn’t preachy. It offers practical advice and creative ideas that men and women can adapt.” – Fresno Bee

“As I read (The Romantic), I realized the ideas were fun, and some were even fresh, but the best part was that they were written from a guy’s point of view.” – Providence Journal-Bulletin

“Expecting a new toilet brush for Valentine’s Day? Then chances are, your hubby or boyfriend is a prime candidate for Michael Webb who helps clueless men become Romeos.”-Birmingham News

“Men you slimy reptiles you. You buy us candy and flowers for Valentine’s Day. You take us out to dinner on our anniversary. Well, bad news guys. A fellow named Michael Webb is making you look bad.”- Champaign-Urbana News Gazette

“He’s discovered the secrets to keeping passion alive. They go beyond the ordinary shtick of sending flowers or buying candy.” – Houston Chronicle

“For the World’s Most Romantic Man, Valentine’s Day is – quite frankly – amateur night.”- St. Petersburg Times

“Women want romance, and Michael Webb knows how to give it to them” – Quincy Herald-Whig

“It’s the everyday things he does that make Webb a real Romeo” – LA Parent

“Helps men bring back the sizzle in their relationships” – Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

“Meet the most romantic husband in America. If you think men have a hard time showing their lovey-dovey side, you haven’t met Michael Webb. He’s so good at it, he actually teaches other guys!”- Woman’s World

“The Romantic is chock-full of ideas – from the clever to the silly – on how to turn an everyday occurrence into a memorable moment” – New Jersey Courier-Post