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Resurrect Romance Week

What: Resurrect Romance Week — established in 1995.

When: Second full week in August (six months after Valentine’s Day)

Who: Founded by Michael Webb, America’s premiere romance expert. He is creator of and author of The Romantic’s Guide and 12 other books on love, dating, romance and relationships.

Why: Michael wanted to create a romance holiday that for once did not focus on money and “things.” He wants people to equate romance with time and attention.

Where: Resurrect Romance is celebrated worldwide by believers in true romance.

Motto: “Real romance comes from the heart, not the wallet.”

How: Michael suggests that couples do something romantic every day during Resurrect Romance Week. Try doing things that cost little or no money. Use your creativity instead. for suggestions.

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Is Romance Dead?

“World’s Most Romantic Man” helps keep romance alive with National Resurrect Romance Week six months after Valentine’s Day.

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Raleigh, NC- Michael Webb doesn’t necessarily like the title that media have given him, ‘The World’s Most Romantic Man.’ “First, I doubt if it is true and secondly, it gives the wrong impression that romance is about some sort of competition,” says Webb “but if the title gives me a platform to correct some misconceptions about romance, I’ll gladly embrace it.”

Webb, founder of and best-selling author, established Resurrect Romance Week in 1995 as an antidote for Valentine’s Day, the overly commercialized February holiday that has given romance a bad name. “Romance has little to do with what’s in your wallet. It is not a competition among your peers to out-spend them. In fact, the whole notion that you can’t be romantic without buying something is ludicrous” says Webb.

Several major companies have approached Webb about sponsoring the holiday but he is keeping the focus on being personal, not commercial. He suggests celebrating the entire week by making a special effort to spend quality time each day with your sweetheart and showering them with compliments and affection, not gifts. If you really want to give presents, they should come from your hands, not the department store.

Here are some of Michael Webb’s creative ideas from his #1 best-selling book, The Romantic’s Guide: Hundreds of Creative Tips for a Lifetime of Love.

· Use chalk to write loving welcome home messages on the sidewalk

· Put flower petals on the ceiling fan and ask your darling to turn it on so he or she will be showered

· Tie a message and balloons to the bottom of the garage door with a foot of string — they will magically rise in the air when the door is opened

· Brush her hair for ten minutes before going to sleep. Gently scratch his back for the same.

· Fax a photocopy of your hand to his or her office so he or she can “hold” it while you are apart

· Use Rain-X Anti-Fog and a cotton swab to write love notes on bathroom mirrors – message appears when the mirror steams up

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Contact: Michael Webb, 919/859-9123

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