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Top Romantic Movies

I asked the subscribers of my ezine, The Romantic Tip of the Week, to give me ONE romantic movie they would recommend to other couples. Here is a list of their suggestions. I have not personally seen all of these movies so they are not necessarily endorsed by me.

Several readers mentioned that their selection also had enough action for most guys to really enjoy it. I marked those with ***top-romantic-movies

A number of titles were recommend by a handful of people. I marked those with ++

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Return to Me ++
Message In a Bottle ++
English Patient ***
A Knight’s Tale ***
Pretty Woman ++
Far and Away
Love Story
City of Angels ++
The Cutting Edge
Somewhere in Time ++
Regarding Henry ++
Ghost ++
Untamed Heart ++
A Walk to Remember ++
You’ve Got Mail ++
Tortilla Soup
Annie Hall
The American President
The Princess Bride ++ ***
Untamed Heart ++
Ever After ++
The African Queen
What Dreams May Come ++
Jerry McGuire ***
A Walk in the Clouds ++
Barefoot in the Park
I Don’t Buy Kisses Anymore
Kate & Leopold ++
Pearl Harbor ***
The Wedding Planner
Serendipity ++
An Affair to Remember
Sleepless in Seattle ++
When Harry Met Sally ++
Dr. Zhivago
You’ve Got Mail ++
The Bridges Over Madison County
Notting Hill
Il Postino
Harold & Maude (probably only for those who enjoy “art” films)
Never Been Kissed
Music from Another Room
The Saint ***
Bed of Roses ++
The Mirror Has Two Faces
Anne of Green Gables
Anne of Avonlea
Father Goose
The Sound of Music
Little Women
Top Gun ***
Joe Versus the Volcano
Fools Rush In ++
French Kiss
Runaway Bride
Forever Young
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Casablanca ++
Fiddler on the Roof
Dances with Wolves
Beauty and the Beast
The Cutting Edge
Room With a View
First Knight
Gone With the Wind
Groundhog Day
Dream a Little Dream
Can’t Buy Me Love
It Could Happen To You
La Bamba
Romancing the Stone ***
Last of the Mohicans ***
The Scarlet Pimpernel
Pretty in Pink
The Mask of Zorro ***
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves ***
Sense and Sensibility
Up Close and Personnel
The Wedding Singer
She’s All That
While You Were Sleeping
Father of the Bride
The Three Musketeers ***
Love Affair
At First Sight
As Good As It Gets
Pillow Talk
Pay It Forward
Life Is Beautiful
Green Card
Truly, Madly, Deeply
Moulin Rouge ++
Sweet November ++
Like Water for Chocolate ++
Mystic Pizza
Dirty Dancing
Romeo & Juliet
Hope Floats
Sea of Love
Now Voyager
Only You ++
Family Man
Where the Heart Is
The Sure Thing
One Fine Day
Say Anything
Don Juan DeMarco
I Am Sam
St. Ives
Office and a Gentleman
Love & Basketball
The Fisher King
Down to You
Patch Adams
West Side Story
Gone with the Wind
Hannover Street
Mistress of Spices