With Art

With Art


submitted by: David Barton


romantic dinner date romantic art music singing ideasMy girlfriend and I have been dating about six months throughout which she consistently amazes me with her compassion and warmth. As I am a songwriter, I have often been inspired to write about the pieces of her that I find so stirring and compelling, but had not shared any of those writings with her until recently.

Having secretly written her a song, I hinted about it in email but didn’t directly come across and tell her about it. Since she lives 5 and a half hours away from me and in another country, I just said, “Be by the phone this Friday at 7 PM and I’d give you a present that you’ll love.” I even suggested that we should both get dressed up and she could do her hair and it would be like a romantic evening we’d share if we lived in the same town.

So here’s the catch: I was actually driving to sing her the song in person. My request for her to wait by the phone at 7 PM was simply to assure she was there when I arrived. So I drove there and at 7 PM I knocked on her door. When she opened it with wide eyes I was there kneeling on the front porch and singing about the many things that make her so beautiful. We were already dressed up, so when her happy tears ebbed I took her out to eat at her favorite restaurant.