On A Diet

On A Diet



unhealthy snack basket ideas diet couple romanticMy husband had started watching what he ate to drop a few pounds. But which he really hates to do is give up his snacking.

So I had a big basket of low cal, low fat snacks delivered to his desk. It had his Diet Pepsi in it, Snackwell choclate candy bars,  a low fat trail mix, microwave lite popcorn, pretzels, etc. Something to fulfill every craving.

I even attached little notes to each item. Like on the popcorn “you put the pop into our love life”. He loved it. He still felt like he could snack and didn’t need to use the works vending machine if he got hungry. He really enjoyed rereading the little notes when he grabbed a diet snack.

He kept the basket under he desk tell it was empty, which took a long time. I had someone he works with put it on his desk so I didn’t pay delivery fees. I made the basket myself so It only had stuff I knew he would like and of course gave it the personal touch.