Romantic Disasters

Romantic Disasters


submitted by: Brooke Espinoza

romantic disasters slip slidingMy parents built a two story Victorian style home when I was growing up. It was my mom’s dream to present me to my date on the night of my senior prom as I made my grand entrance.

On the day of the prom I was downstairs when my prom date/boyfriend pulled into the driveway. My mom quickly shooed me up the curved staircase so I would be ready to make my entrance as my boyfriend awaited me at the bottom of the¬†staircase. Well, my entrance was not the glorious¬†entrance mom had hoped for. As I took my second step from the top of the stairs, my high heel caught the carpet and BAM! I fell right on my stomach and slid down the stairs at the speed of light (my dress was satin). In one way mom got what she always dreamed of, my entrance made my date’s jaw drop.

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