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submitted by: Ben

yes-no-maybeThe name of this game is Yes, No, Maybe, Please. Here is the way it is played.

Each partner takes turns being the giver for 20 to 45 min. and the receiver for 20 to 45 min.

The giver spontaneously decides to do something to the receiver, but first they ask for permission to do it. For example, the giver can ask may I kiss your hand?

The receiver then answers Yes, No, Maybe,  or Please.

Yes means Yes for that 1 time the romantic touch, kiss,  etc is done.

No means No for now not No forever. Do not stop to analyze, negotiate, or manipulate a Yes. No is no.

Maybe means Yes, but do it once, and then ask if the receiver liked it. That answer will let the giver know if it is something to do again or not.

Please means I really liked it and you can automatically do it again one more time.

The goal is to not have sex, but to touch, kiss, read a poem, etc. It can; however, lead to sex after the game is over. It can be just loving time or it can be some very considerate foreplay. It is a learning and exploration. It is a great way to really know what your lover wants and explore your own boundaries as the receiver. Also, it is amazing to notice how creative we can be as givers.

The giver can do simple things such as stroking the receivers cheek. There is no rush to do the next thing.

It is also interesting to note how difficult it is for some people to receive without responding back in kind. The receiver is the receiver and should keep their hands to themselves.

The receiver must be disciplined in making sure the giver asks before doing anything.