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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: James B.

gift-of-massageEvery so often my wife would come home from a particularly frustrating day at work and she would be all in knots emotionally and physically.

As soon as it was possible, (with 3 growing boys in the house) we would retreat into our bedroom and sit or lay on the bed, and I would let her vent her emotions, validating her, and trying my best not to do the male thing and try to “fix it”.

During her venting, I would start by massaging her shoulders and neck, which were really tight and tense.  I’d continue to let her vent, while I rubbed.  I paid particular attention to her upper neck, using my thumbs to work the muscles right below her hairline.  She loved it.

Eventually she started becoming more relaxed, her venting slowed, and I took off her blouse to better get to her neck and shoulders and popped the hooks on her bra strap (usually, one handed).  I got out the oil I had already prepared and kept in a squeeze bottle by the bed for just such occasions.  It was olive oil from the grocery to which I had added a few drops of Sandalwood oil to give it a fragrance that we both enjoyed.  (We bought the Sandalwood oil at a Bath and Body works store.)

I warmed the oil in my hands so it wasn’t cold when it touched her bare skin. I helped her out of the rest of her clothes and she lay on the bed on her tummy.  I lit several candles and turned out the lights, and put on some tranquil music down low, setting the scene.  Sometime I would light a stick of incense too.  But with just the prepared fragrant oil, it usually smelled heavenly!

I went to work on her shoulders, arms and her whole back, one side at a time, using various strokes and techniques I had learned from books, magazines and video (I am self taught).  I would stroke up the back and knead the larger muscle groups, working out any place she seemed tense or tight.  I would stroke up the back and out the arms, pulling the tension in her back up and out her arms through her fingertips.  She “melted” into the bed.

When she seemed relaxed enough topside, I would go to work on her legs, working from top to bottom, kneading the thighs and the calves, again working one leg at a time from her derrière on down.  Again, pulling the tension out of her thighs through her calves, and out through her toes.  Usually by that time, she was totally limp.

Occasionally, I might let her sleep, if I thought that is what she needed, more often, I would turn her on her back to continue the “massage”, working her arms again at first, then teasingly around her breasts, but not directly on them, just around the sides.  I’d work down her tummy and oil that good too, being careful not to put too much pressure there.  Up and around her breasts again, and stop to kiss her mouth occasionally.  She didn’t know when the kisses would come, and added to her growing excitement.

I would go down lower and work her hips and top of her legs.  Sometimes kissing a part of her body randomly.  When I finally did get to her breasts, she was vocally expressing the pleasure she was feeling.  And of course when I touched her in or near her “private area” she went wild with pleasure.  We made long, slow, delicious love, and we slept in each other’s arms, totally spent and satisfied.

Personally, I got a great deal of manly satisfaction out of giving her the gift of a relaxing massage, even when I allowed her to sleep.  Of course, sometimes she would then wake after a while, and would wake me with kisses, wanting to make love.  And when we would make love as part of the massage session, the sensations were amazingly intense!  A gift that returned to bless me with the giving and receiving.

You may have noted that I use the past tense when referring to my giving her the gift of massage.  That’s because after 25 years, I lost her a few years ago, and am now single again, looking for another wonderful lady to whom I may give my gift of massage.  I haven’t yet found her, but I’m looking, waiting, hoping, praying, to recreate the experience again, and give the gift of massage.