Tips & Ideas

Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Georgiana LaSalle

For our wedding we held two doves and incorporated wording into our wedding vows and my husband and I kissed and then each let one go and then at the end when we were walking up the isle we let 50 more go (you have to be outdoors for this one).

For a favor at the reception we gave these away… take a plastic spoon (mine was in maroon, the color of my wedding) and two Hershey’s kisses and two Hershey’s hugs and some lace and ribbon…put the kisses and hugs in the spoon with the lace and ribbon tied around it and then add a little note card saying…

“A Spoonful of Love and Some Hugs and Kisses, Now we’re Mr. and Mrs.”

I also had my own wedding song made for me –.they actually sing it with the bride and grooms names and wedding date…VERY COOL!!! I printed up the words and rolled them in scrolls and handed them out for everyone to sing to us while we danced…