Tips & Ideas

Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Cathy Utecht

My idea of a romantic wedding:

* Candles & flowers – Fill the church with candles & flowers. Add some scented candles to add a nice smoothing atmosphere (lavender). Candles make a beautiful church, they are soothing/comforting and very romantic.

*Music – Play music that means something to the two of you. The song you heard on your first date, the day he proposed, the first time, etc.

*Carriage ride – A carriage ride to and from the church is much more romantic than a simple car or limo. If you want a limo then lose the wedding party and make love before you go to the reception.

*A single rose – When your wife to be comes to the alter give her a single rose to tell her “I’m love you & I’m here for you whenever you need me especially when your nervous or scared” before the big I do. It would be nice to pause a moment in the ceremony and pass one on to each of your future mother in-laws too.

*Vows – Write your vows & tell your future life partner how you feel about them. Tell them how much you love them,  why you love them and how you can’t wait to begin your lives together. If you want to go with the traditional vows just say one special line to each other.

*Secret between the 2 of you – Have a little secret between the 2 of you that day whether it be wearing matching underwear or having something “just between you” in your hand, bouquet, pocket or even a special look and when ever you get nervous you look at your partner with “the look” and you’ll both know what each other are thinking about. Some people may catch it and wonder what it’s all about but it’ll be “your little wedding day secret” that helped you get through the day together… depending on each other at the beginning of your life as a family.

*Respect each other’s wishes – Many couples have very different ideas of their wedding day. Make sure you both get at least one wish for your ceremony. The ceremony is for both of you and you should respect each other’s wishes and make sure it’s a special ceremony for each of you. Remember the plan is to only get married once so make sure it’s special for both of you.