Wrapping Gifts

Wrapping Gifts


submitted by: Francine Mendenhall


romatic-dating-ideas-gift-wrapping-pictures-wrap-cartoons-film-slidesI took some photos of our first three years together to a copy shop. I had colored copies made on light weight paper. I wrapped my sweethearts present in the pictures with a large red bow tied around one red and one white rose.

I had several pictures left so I taped them around the house and created a guessing game. Each picture he had to guess the event we were at and the year of the event. Every time he guessed right, he got a clue on the back of the picture to lead him to the next picture and the end result to the present.

When he finally found the wrapped package, it took him another 20 minutes to unwrap it, because he wanted to continue the guessing game with the wrapping paper pictures.

It was very entertaining for both of us and he had an almost perfect guess (17 out of 20 correct). I gave him verbal clues on those he couldn’t remember right away.