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Relationship Resources

Excellent Ideas & Practical Advice on Love, Dating & Romance


date ideas         300 Creative Dates Tired of the same old “dinner and a movie” date? So are we! Try out these creative dates and ideas and re-ignite your dating life. Most cost less than $20. cello-5         Virtuoso Lover? Women are like fine instruments. If you know how to touch and tune them, you can bring any lady to glorious ecstasy. If you are ready to learn, we can teach you how to be a virtuoso lover – which will have women begging for your touch. happy marriage           The 50 Secrets Do you believe that fairy-tale relationships exist? Well, they actually do. Find out the 50 secrets those who are blissfully married already know and practice. dice games         Bedroom Games Add fun and spice to your marriage with these great games. We created lovers games using dice, playing cards, post it notes and other things you probably already have at home. singles       Single? Perhaps you aren’t currently in a relationship but would like to be. Brush up on your dating skills and discover what you should NEVER do on the first few dates if you want to have a successful long-term relationship.
couple4           Lovemaking Resources Super hot tips and ideas to heat up the passion and love life in your home. Nothing vulgar or in bad taste but guaranteed to rock your world! questions for couples         1000 Questions for Couples 83% of divorces could be prevented if couples asked each other these questions. Excellent pre-marital aide and great for those wanting to better the communication in their relationship. marriage proposal           Marriage Proposal Stories Are you looking to “pop the question” any time soon? Read these 101 real life award-winning stories for inspiration. couple hugging       Get Your Man Back! Few things are more heart-breaking than losing the man you love. Michael Webb is one of the world’s most sought-after relationship experts and he tells you how you can get just about any man to want to reconcile. getting her back with hug           Get Your Woman Back… For Good! Do you want your lady back? Michael Webb is one of the world’s most sought-after relationship experts and he tells you how you can get just about any woman to want to reconcile.
lick by lick             Lick by Lick Over 80% of women say that great cunnilingus (oral sex on a woman) is by far their most deeply desired form of bedroom pleasure. Learn exactly how to do it so she will be screaming for more and more. cork           Blow by Blow Perhaps the number one lovemaking complaint men have is that they rarely get a “great” blowjob. Fellatio is an art and if done wrong, it can be painful – done exceedingly well, and this man will do ANYTHING for you. Check out these tips. talkdirty         #1 Surefire Way to Heat Up Sex Most men and women are shy about asking but secretly crave more open, honest and “hot” talk in the bedroom. Find out how to do it the right way. dollhouse       Where to Get Free Adult Toys Did you know that the average house has 154 sex toys lying about, waiting to be discovered? Let us show you where to find them and how to use them to their fullest potential! You will be surprised which room has the most. attractive woman         Attracting & Approaching Women Women LOVE romance. But even more, they want a man who can talk with them. That’s more important than wealth, looks or age. Amazing help for men!