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Tips & Ideas


I hear your voice.

Lonely in a crowded room,
closing my eyes for a moment,
I hear your voice … and smile.

Mid-day, all hell breaking loose,
I hear your voice and know that I am loved
and everything falls into place.

After our meetings, my heart is full because of you.
Reflecting that joy, I sing as I walk —
greeting strangers and friends with a smile,
holding you close … my own secret treasure.

Between meetings, I know that we have the same thoughts
and feel the joining of our love and understanding.
We together know that our bond is limited
only by our capacity to love and care for one another.
Hearing your voice, I am again whole and content.
Your voice bringing your love to me is warm comfort,
reminding me that in knowing you, our love is a state of being.

We shall have our time together, you and I.
To talk, dance, laugh … to live our love.