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Tips & Ideas

Life Times

The past is gone like Fall leaves on a windy day,
leaving memories of events happy and sad …
scents of lost loves, joys of past triumphs,
thoughts of those close to us gone forever.
It is a place to which we can never return,
a guidepost on our continuing journey.

Our todays pass more quickly
as we progress further into eternity.
Building on our experiences,
we work to stretch our lives
beyond their temporal boundaries:
seeking to push two minutes of life
into each minute of time.

Together, we are on the right side of time.
With the past gone, our future is waiting to be lived.
Aware of our past hurts and joys alike,
sure in our mutual understanding and values,
we can shape our new times.

Come, my love … take my hand
as we look forward to a thousand tomorrows.