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Tips & Ideas

Meeting of the Minds

You and I are floating in the warm ether of a slow, perfect afternoon.

Our clothing, place, appearance …
have no relevance now.
Words do not form on our lips.
We are two souls seeking to join into one,
striving to transcend our physical boundaries.

As we hold each other,
our bodies inches apart, faces expressionless,
our eyes lock in an intense embrace.
They widen, pupils dilated, exposing our inner selves
to deliver and absorb information
like a voracious wildcat devouring its prey.

From the instant of first contact,
there is no period of adjustment
to the nuances of our individual thoughts.
The immediate transfer of thought and sensation is at once
deep, shocking, and fulfilling.
Questions are silently asked and answered with speed and precision,
like the operation of a finely tuned racing engine.

Our hearts conclude that yes, this is right and good.
We recognize that our bond is genuine
and determine to carefully escalate the depth of our understanding
to include a mutual commitment. To what?
Listen, respect, laugh, cry, love? Yes.

As with an indelible dye,
our commitment is colored to reflect a perfect blend of our unique auras.
It is an individual entity –
the embodiment of the overwhelming positive synergy resulting from our joining.
We create this precious gift carefully and deliberately,
knowing that it is an integral part of us now and for time to come.

With this realization our eyes soften,
we become aware of our nearness,
and we smile in the thrill of our oneness.