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Tips & Ideas

Revelation in the Moonlight

Last night we met again.
It was late and we were tired,
yet on making contact instantly became whole.
As you spoke I saw your lips and looked into your eyes
and fell deeper in love.
I gently kissed your lips.
In each other’s arms, we continued to kiss and kiss back
seeking only to share breaths and touch in reverent intimacy.
Our motivation was spiritual, our mode of expression physical –
calm, loving closeness creating a silk cocoon
of our shared bundle of emotions.
We kissed, teased, touched and whispered &ldots;
tacitly firming our grasp on the nature of our relationship.

In love’s warm afterglow,
we silently acknowledged our heartfelt sharing.
You looked into my eyes
and with sincerity and clarity of understanding, said,
“You really do love me.”

In that instant I experienced a personal epiphany,
a revelation that forever changed my life.
I realized then the true depth of my love for you
and the interlocking emotional bond that has cemented our joining.

All that I have felt, desired, and expressed since we first met
came home and moved into my heart,
secure within the confines of my commitment to you.
Again, you are right. It is you that I love.