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Tips & Ideas

Silent Partner

Life is a series of events happy and sad …
love, marriage, the birth of a child;
the loss of one deeply loved, hurt relationships.

In time we understand more of life’s meaning,
recognizing each event as a chance to reinforce our love
and confirm the value and joy of living.

With each new opportunity to grow,
challenges pull us closer to facing our mortality and
enrich our appreciation of the gifts that we have been given.

In facing an event that defies resolution,
we need a friend — a partner.
My silent partner …
my faith in God’s understanding and love —
is an endless reservoir of strength.

We make our lives what they are.
My deep faith in God and my church
channels my strengths to overcome difficult obstacles
and appreciate life’s pleasant surprises alike.

God’s gift of faith is the guiding hand
that makes me the person that I need to be –-
closer to His image,
continuing to grow and accept His love.