Tips & Ideas

Tips & Ideas

Thoughts of My Love

I woke before Sunrise … looked over,
needing the reassurance of your presence in our bed.

In the faint morning light, I slowly discerned
your mouth with the corners barely upturned
in a subtle dreaming smile.
Your brow clear and eyes resting contentedly,
you are the picture of peaceful beauty.

With the sheets pulled up to your neck,
I enjoyed the luxury of drinking in your soft countenance
undistracted by your warm and inviting body.

Thinking with uncluttered clarity,
I sought to understand what has made you
the remarkable woman that you are.
Through all of your travels, experiences, joys, and disappointments,
your love and pride in the accomplishments of those close to you
and your deep desire to make a success of everyone you touch
have withstood the test of time.

Your love and understanding are reflected back to you
in affection and appreciation.
A devoted mother, reliable friend, loyal wife,
intense, complete lover …
over time you have evolved into the perfect package
that I love so dearly.

Being loved by you and contributing my love
to that of those around you are the truest thrills of my life.

As time passes, like a great wine,
you will continue to change and grow in appeal.
It is my joy to make that trip with you,
steadfast in my love, devoted to your comfort and happiness.
Thank you for inviting me into your life.