Tips & Ideas

Tips & Ideas

Time and Again

Our moments together surface as gems in the middle of the day.
You speak, my heart swells;
laugh, I laugh with you;
tell me your thoughts, I want to listen.

Measuring my time as the span between our meetings,
knowing that when we next speak
it will be as dear friends and lovers —
I anticipate our next encounter,
opening my heart to embrace your love.

When we meet it seems a rekindling of love
between long-lost sweethearts,
discovering that each has grown
and become more desirable as time passed.
In parting you hold my heart,
keeping it safe in your care, concern, and warmth.
Returned to me from your protection it is fresher and stronger,
secure in the understanding of our love.

That we love is a constant;
the ever-increasing capacity of our love
bridges our private moments,
forming the path leading to our future.