Tips & Ideas

Tips & Ideas

The Travelers

A visitor came a while ago who had traveled
a long and winding route for as many years as I.
Like two branches off a wide river that join again at the sea,
our journeys through different lands carried the same waters
as our mother stream.
Just as reunited siblings discover each other’s similarities,
we knew about one another the moment we met.
Our lives, our loves, our joys —
different yet of the same fiber, texture, and strength.
We knew then that our attachment was sure and firm.
We tentatively touched, questioned, tested &ldots;
as all friends do, seeking to assure common ground
before ascending to the next level of friendship.

So instant was our liking that in the time
it can take acquaintances to become friends,
we became lovers bound in friendship.

A friendship of caring, individual needs
shaded and enhanced by an overriding
sense of fulfillment in instantly knowing
the right course to take in our continuing
journey together.

Now we move on as streams conjoined
in a deep valley through the mountains,
our waters swift, strong, and clear.
Our new destination is farther away yet more real,
calling us to a sea of living dreams.