The_Romantic_flat“Brilliant” – Kansas City Star

“Call Michael Webb the Master of Romance” – Dallas Morning News

“You should listen to Webb on romance the way you’d listen to Mark McGuire on hitting a baseball.” – Rocky Mountain News

“Run, don’t walk, to your nearest bookstore.” – The Star

The Romantic’s Guide: Hundreds of Creative Tips for a Lifetime of Love is a 208 page book creating quite a bit of a buzz in the media. It is currently ranked among the TOP 5 best-selling marriage books and is the #1 dating and romantic ideas book in America!

If you are searching for some refreshing and new ideas on dating, gift giving and celebrating your love every day, then The Romantic’s Guide is a book for you. It contains hundreds of Michael Webb’s notoriously clever and whimsical ideas on expressing love as well as contributions from romantics all over the world.

You’ll find out:

* What zany, yet wonderfully romantic thing you can do with rubbing alcohol

* What $2 kids toy is far more romantic than an expensive piece of jewelry

* Why Michael cut holes in his wife’s coin collection

* What’s the most romantic way to celebrate Christmas

* How you can send mail to your sweetheart from LOVEland, Colorado and 6 other “romantic” cities

* Super romantic items you can buy at the office supply store for pennies

* How to use appliances to express your love

* What bathroom surprise is 100 times more romantic than a bubble bath

* What $5 anniversary gift will bring tears to your mate’s eyes

* What is Michael & Athena’s most romantic piece of furniture — bet you can’t guess

* How to ask someone out on a date in a way they simply can’t refuse

* A really creative and romantic way to use packing peanuts

and hundreds more unique ideas

Michael Webb’s #1 bestseller, in bookstores nationwide and Amazon.com (as low as $4 in some stores). Get extra for wedding/engagement/special occasion gifts.