Secrets of Blissful Relationships

Secrets of Blissful Relationships

Should You Trade Up?

submitted by: Michael Webb

Dangers of upgrading your diamondAthena and I have never had a car payment.  Our current vehicles are 7 years old and our previous car was a 13 year old Honda Civic that ran just fine until the final few months.

When our Honda Civic was getting up in age (and didn’t look so shiny) we have had friends and family ask us point blank “when are you going to get a new car” and tell us “certainly you can afford something new”.  Yes, we can afford just about any car that we could possibly desire.  But no, we don’t have any plans on trading in our perfectly fine Honda for something new(er) simply to impress others. Yes, when safety or reliability become a factor, we’ll be shopping for something else.

I find it curious, but not surprising that every person who has suggested that we upgrade our car has been divorced at least once.

Back in 1988 Diamond Cutters International conducted a poll asking  women if they would ever consider trading in their engagement ring for a bigger, better diamond.  46% of the respondents said yes.

Fifteen years later, these same women have been polled again. Of those who were willing to trade up, 81% are now divorced. And what about those sentimental ladies who would never trade in their original ring?  78% are still married.

Are you the type of person who wants a new car every few years and sees each raise as an opportunity to move to a bigger house?  Are you easily bored with the latest gadget you bought just a year ago? Do you always have to have the best television among your peers? If so, studies have shown that you have a much greater chance of being tempted to “trade-up” spouses too.

Learn to appreciate what you have and don’t be so quick to want to get the latest model.  Otherwise it might REALLY cost you.