Is Your (Relationship) Freezer Full?

When our son had been incubating for about seven or eight months in my wife’s belly, we bought an upright freezer. I thought it might be a good idea to make some dinners in advance since we had no idea how busy and tired we might be when our son arrived.

Athena and I purchased a pack of aluminum pans. I made twelve large pans of enchiladas and several other meals anrelationship freezerd put them in our
freezer. It’s one of the smartest things I have ever done. When our son was born and we wanted a “home-cooked” meal we took a pan out of the freezer and after 35 minutes in the oven, we had a tasty dish of enchiladas or some other pre-made meal ready to devour. Our birth/recovery period wasn’t nearly as difficult as what most couples describe.

How much “reserves” do you have in your relationship? Are you stocked up and prepared for the more difficult times ahead?

Couples in blissful relationships have their freezer stocked for emergencies. I’m not talking enchiladas here.

If you come upon a difficult period in your relationship and you don’t have adequate “reserves” you can end up starving. Hungry couples are edgy, irritable and are prone to arguments. If you don’t want your relationship to starve in the future, start beefing up your reserves.

Here are some great ways to stock up your relationship freezer.

* Attend an organized marriage retreat every year or two
* Schedule regular time away just for the two of you
* Read books/magazines/ezines on marriage enrichment and discuss the concepts with your partner
* Have a weekly date night
* Find a way to grow spiritually together

Couples who have their reservoirs filled great memories, lots of shared positive experiences, wisdom gained from publications and
friends, and constant interaction are able to weather almost any drought that their marriage might face.

So, how full is YOUR freezer?