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Tips & Ideas


The longest vacation my wife and I have taken to date is a month stay on the Caribbean island of Anguilla. Never heard of it? Not surprising. We’ve been to a half dozen islands and hadn’t heard of it before we began planning this trip.

Unfortunately, I think the secret is getting out. The quiet, serene island is the hideout for the rich and famous and scilly1those like me who don’t care for casinos and all night conga parties. When I go to the Caribbean I want beauty and relaxation, not high rises and neon lights. I’m surprised I didn’t find Anguilla earlier. Look up “perfect beaches” in the dictionary and you will see pictures of Anguilla’s bright white sandy stretches, all 30 of them.

Many of the resort properties on this 16 mile long oasis (albeit it a fairly arid place) are five star with five star views and five star prices. We were quite impressed with CuisinArt (yes, of the kitchen appliance fame). The resort boasts its own hydroponics garden which supplies its gourmet (and health conscience) restaurants with exceptional produce.

If you don’t want to spend $300-$500 a night foraccommodations, I would A-hotelrecommend that you check out the Arawak Beach Inn. The rooms have a wonderful view of Scilly Caye and I believe is of the better bargains on the island. Their one-month stay rates are unbelievable. Their cafe offers some of the best meals for the price as well. Some people come from the other side of the island just to taste some of Maude’s cooking.

Yes, Anguilla has good snorkeling, fishing, windsailing and some of the Caribbean’s best restaurants. But what will impress you most is what it is lacking: crime, skyscrapers and college drunks.

Arawak Beach Inn:

Location: Island Harbour, The Valley

Phone: 800/451-3734, 264/497-4888


CuisanArt Resort and Spa

Location: Rendezvous Bay

Phone: 800/943-3210, 264/498-2000


Anguilla Department of Tourism