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submitted by: Michael Webb

chaa creek resort belize
A magical stay at Chaa Creek Belize

My wife Athena and I are very passionate about travel. We have visited several dozen countries with the aim to see most of them within our lifetime.

When a friend recently asked what was the most memorable experience Athena and I had together, one particular memory stood out. This is what Athena wrote in her journal describing our visit to Belize and our stay at Chaa Creek resort which has exquisite thatch roofed cottages (with no locks) and amazing four course dinners in the middle of a rain forest filled with caves for tubing and exploration, exotic wildlife and Mayan ruins.
“It was fairly dark, a bit after sundown, in the foreground we could hear the rushing of water in the small stream and an owl was nearby, cooing every so often. Lightning bugs fluttered above the stream like hundreds of twinkle lights strung under the trees which were outlined in the moonlight. Beyond this stream in the distance about 5 or 10 miles a mountain range sat and rolling up over the mountains was an incredible thunderstorm, masses of lightning and vigorous clouds. Just above the storm was a nearly full moon and this tremendous midnight blue sky with brilliant stars, smiling on us. It was layer upon layer of  incredible sights & sounds.”
ma08bChaa Creek is truly for the nature lover and romantic at heart. It is in the middle of nowhere but in midst of everything wonderful.  Chaa Creek, San Ignacio, Belize (Central America) Fax: 501-92-2501or visit