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submitted by: Michael Webb

South Africa is probably not on the top of many lists for romantic getaways but it should be. Athena and I recently spent two weeks there and it certainly was more amazing and romantic than we ever imagined.

We spent the first week of our vacation traveling throughout the Kruger National Park which includes a 100 mile wide strip along the north eastern part of the county. It is perhaps the foremost wildlife preserve in the world.good_eli

We rented a small car and took in the sights at our own pace. Within the park are a dozen camp sites with very comfortable accommodations.

Seeing the animals in their natural habitat changes a person. No matter how many zoos you have visited or nature films you have seen, it can’t really prepare you for when a two story giraffe gingerly walks right in front of your car or a herd of elephants begin to encircle your tiny rental vehicle. The long drives through the “countryside” were truly romantic for Athena and me. Between spotting wildlife we had time for in-depth conversations. The sunrises and sunsets on the African plains were right out of, well, Africa.

On the other side of South Africa is where we spent our second week. We stayed in the small town of Stellenbosch, about a 30 minute drive from Cape Town. This region is the wine making area of South Africa and rivals California’s Napa Valley with its beauty and fine wines.home_r03_c16

Perhaps best of all was that most everything in South Africa is about one third the cost of the U.S. We would both have gourmet three course lunches and a glass of wine at a different winery each day for less than $15. Our accommodations at a lovely cottage on a horse farm was under $40 a night. We were able to spoil ourselves there like we could never afford to at home.

It might be expensive to get to South Africa, but once you arrive, your money will go far and so will your romance.