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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Richard N. Every

    It’s worth a day trip to Saint John’s in New Brunswick, Canada to view an extraordinary twice daily natural phenomenon called the Saint John Reversing Falls. The only one in the world, the tides cycle every 25 hours, though the tides change by an hour each day. Plan to view it both at high and low tides to experience the incredible force of nature as sea combats river. For the best view, station yourself in the parking lot of the Reversing Falls Jet Boat Tours on the bank opposite the Irving Paper Mills.

You can actually get into the action on an hour-long ride run by Reversing Falls Jet Boat Tours. Into more extreme sports? Book a place in the tour’s Bubble, where you bounce in a hamster-like enclosed wheel through the rapids, whirlpools and white caps.

Once you’ve got your land legs, shop the 128 year old downtown Saint John City Market for everything from native crafts to local foods. The market’s Billy’s Seafood Company, styled after a British pub, serves up a mean fish and chips and other fresh seafood dishes.

Spend a romantic night at Shadow Lawn Inn, the closest accommodation to the Saint John airport where you’ll enjoy one of the best steak dinners in New Brunswick. A four star property, the Inn is a restored 1870 Victorian manor house fitted out with every modern luxury.

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Richard N. Every is a professional travel writer and photographer, and a member of the prestigious North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA).