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submitted by: Michael Webb

Think warm thoughts. That’s probably what most of us are doing after a couple months of winter. When it began getting cold in North Carolina, Athena and I were very excited about going to St. Thomas.

St. Thomas is a part of the U.S. Virgin Islands so it is a breeze to vacation there. No language barriers and you don’t have the hassle of converting money if you bring in dollars.

This was a place we headed when we didn’t want to do much. No major exploring. Little site seeing. Mostly just relaxing and enjoying the tropical weather.a_sapp_s

We stayed at the Sapphire Beach Resort and Marina which ended up being the ideal location on the island. We took a 30 minute cab ride from the airport to the resort and never had to leave. Sapphire Beach is often regarded as one of the 10 best beaches in the Caribbean. It also has the best snorkeling on the whole island along with Coki Point which is about 3 miles away. If you want to catch a ferry to neighboring St. Johns it is only ½ mile away.

Having the marina right there was a huge plus if you take a sunset cruise or a day sail which takes you all around the Virgin Islands and stops at a couple of reefs for swimming and snorkeling. The yacht “True Love” provides gourmet breakfast and lunch and doesn’t pack people on like some of the other boats tend to do.

If you are looking to get warm and unwind, give St. Thomas a try.

Sapphire Beach Resort: