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Tips & Ideas


I asked the nearly 100,000 subscribers to my Romantic Tip of the Week newsletter what was their #1 choice for a honeymoon (or a second honeymoon) if price was no object.
Here are the top honeymoon destinations that were submitted.

PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, CANADA – setting for Anne of the Green Gables (wife’s favorite book)

RAMORA BAY CLUB, BAHAMAS – no phones, tv, radio, etc. + x rated picnic for 2 on uninhabited island, and they called you for meals by blowing on a conch shell.

BALI – Exotic, tropical and mysterious

ALASKA – Somewhere to see the beautiful wilderness

NEGRIL, JAMAICA – The Sandals resort is romantic, beautiful and tropical

TAHITI – Tropical paradise

KAUAI, HAWAII – The garden island

FIJI – The islands of your tropical imagination

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC – A European fairy-tale sort of place

VENICE, ITALY – The architecture, the water, the music, the history, all so romantic

CANARY ISLANDS – So remote and peaceful

TUSCANY, ITALY – The golden sunshine, the hills, the scenery that you can breathe

NEW ZEALAND – There is a reason so many epic movies are filmed on this island country