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When my husband and I started dating, we had PRECIOUS LITTLE time together.  The most “alone time” we had together was in a car.  Somewhere along the way, we started taking advantage of red lights.  We would “steal” a kiss at each red light we encountered.  While most people hope for all green lights, we treasured EVERY red light.  We still do.

No matter how late we are, as soon as we see the red light, or the light turning red, we turn to each other and smile.  Sometimes, it’s just a small peck, for “old times’ sake.”  When we have a longer light, we get totally lost in each other.  We have learned to keep ONE eye sort of on the light, so as to prevent offending drivers behind us.

With every red light, to this day, I get shivers of excitement, knowing I will get to kiss my beloved.  That red light makes everything else go away.  Whichever one sees the red light first still calls out, “red light!”  Usually, it happens in unison, now.  It’s the little things that make romance so great!