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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Ron

Just to the side of our house is a small yard and then it turns into overgrown sumac trees and brush.

If you go beyond a little bit there is a clearing of overgrown lawn that you cant see from the house.  Every chance I had while she wasn’t home,  I chopped and cut a winding path down to the  clearing and cleared a spot about 25 x 20.

In the middle of the clearing,  which is now wide open to the stars,  I built a dance floor  8×8.  Down the path, to the dance floor and one on each corner I placed tiki torches.

The day I finished I waited for my girlfriend to come home and just after dark I told her I was going out to play w/ Harley, our dog.  I took a lighter and  walked to the dance floor lighting every tiki torch. I then called her and told her to come out the front door and head to the side of the house,  that there was something she needed to see.

I had already had a small radio and  a romantic CD in place.  She looked absolutely beautiful walking down the flickering pathway right up to me on the dance floor.  I gave her a rose as tears of happiness fell from her eyes.  I held her close and we danced and kissed under the stars.