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My wonderful sweetheart, Trevor, and I celebrate the holiday season all year long.  We have had the same fresh (now dried) sprig of mistletoe hanging over a doorway in our hallway for the past two years.

It is where we meet everyday (normally several times a day) to kiss & hug.  When one of us comes
home that is the first place we go & we wait for the other person to meet us there.

Whomever is home knows when they hear the first door shut that they need to drop what they are doing & go the mistletoe.  Sometimes we have our
hands full of groceries or mail, but we go there first, not the kitchen.

We moved into a new home a couple months ago & that was one of the first thing we hung up to christen it.  Whenever we are in need of a smooch we go to
the mistletoe & wait…it never let’s you down…unless, of course, the other person isn’t home.  😉