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My boyfriend and I have this ongoing game of kissing in which we kiss at random places or at random times. And when we do so, we say it right after the kiss. Later, we add it to a list. This contains, but isnt limited to:
in a hot tub
in my car
ON my car (hood and roof)
in a racketball court
laying in a huge puddle
under the stars
under fireworks
at midnight on new year’s eve/ new year’s
under mistletoe
on my birthday

We also have the ones like a spicy kiss (after we both ate those spicy Doritos) and a minty kiss (when we’re both chewing gum) a cold kissĀ  (after a drink) and hot kisses (when we’re hot and sweaty from practice)

Its always fun to kiss in new places or at special times. It keeps things interesting… and can spice up things even for a bad kisser. (which my man definitely isn’t)