Tips & Ideas

Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Bonnie Stephens

kissing-instructionsKissing is one of my favorite occupations, so here are my sensual suggestions for kissing:

1) I always wear strawberry flavored lip conditioner; therefore, my lips are always soft and supple and smell of strawberries. (and perhaps a little taste as well?)

2) As often as possible, I try to involve all the senses in romantic interludes: Soft lights, scented candles, firelight, a brisk touch on a windy ridge in the mountains, a roll on the forest floor covered with crisp colored leaves, summer rest on a swing, cuddling on a soft couch with gentle music in the air. You get the idea.

3) Just before a kiss, especially if he is taller, look up at him sensuously by dropping your eyelids but beginning to tilt your head upward, so that he sees you slowly open your eyes and look longingly into his.

4) A long, sensuous, caressing hug is a wonderful prelude to its part in a kiss. Hold him tenderly in your arms, close but not too tightly, and brush his face and neck with your cheek and hair, nose and lips. Move your hands up and down his arms, back, and shoulders. S-l-o-w-l-y. Give his plenty of time to anticipate what is coming next. Move your body slowly and smoothly, as if you were turning a little in bed, doing a few little twists and lithe dance movements. Continue to caress his body slowly, moving nearer–and sometimes farther–from the kiss. Continue (and enhance) throughout the kissing.

5) Always remember that a kiss is a conversation, not an aggressive attack. I like to begin by brushing against the cheek with my eyelashes (a butterfly kiss) and then kissing the cheek, the tip of the nose, the eyebrows, the crevice beside the nostril, the ears, the neck, the extreme edge of the mouth, and continue to work my way into a full kiss–which may take some time, but the anticipation is well worth it.  Move in during a kiss, then move back and let him pursue you for another. If he gets the idea, he’ll do the same. Moving in and out, closer and farther away, creates the conversation: “Hmmm? Ahhh. Yes? Mmmm. Ah? Yes! Mmmm. Ahhh…” Someone once said that the primary sexual organ is the brain. Creating pleasure is a delightful, concentrated occupation.

6) For a specially sensuous experience, I step into a kiss. That is, I take a small step forward with one leg so that I am at a slight angle and touching the inner thigh of his body, a very tender part of a man’s body.

Note: If the suggestions above don’t turn him on, well, find out why. I’m turned on just writing these suggestions.