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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Bobbiejo

here was one night my hubby and I were having a” lazy day”.  We both had the day off and stayed in our pj’s all day long, watching movies and snuggling on the couch together.  Of course we were eating our snacks and drinking our sodas, and out of the blue my hubby jumped up and said “kiss me quick!”

Normally I would do just that. But I had just taken a drink of my soda and had ice still in my mouth so I shook my head no! He says “hurry kiss me now!” I still shook my head grinning at the same time!

Well, he thinks I am playing hard to get, and he starts to chase me, and playfully pushes me onto the bed and TAKES the kiss from me! Boy did he get a surprise when his kiss was as cold as ice!

I was trying to hold the ice in my mouth as long as possible so when he did catch me it would be an icy kiss, And it was just that! He was surprised and I just laughed! Now when he says “Kiss me quick”, He looks to see if I am drinking before hand!