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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Cherie

On my husbands 49th birthday I decided to reward him with 49 kisses throughout his special day. Since we home-school our two children ages 11 and 12 I tried to be discreet as possible but there were a few times (since 49 is a large number) that the kids spied a few of our intense lip smackers.

Of course we heard the groans and comments of, “Ewww that’s just gross!” We took advantage of red lights while driving knowing full well that are kids were disgruntled. We firmly believe it’s beneficial for our kids to see us positively affirming our devotion for each other and can only hope that we will raise them to love and appreciate their future spouses with the same gusto.

To my surprise, my husband pulled off the road suddenly in the midst of a long section of country road where traffic lights and stop signs had become sparse.

Since we were basically in the middle of nowhere the kids were curious as to why we pulled off the side of the road. With a huge grin my husband announced, “I just had to kiss your mom again!” We all laughed as the kids sighed wearily… “here we go again!”