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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Tim Turner

My sweetheart and I were wondering how to make kissing interesting and lasting.  We tried several ideas from continuing a kiss through a TV movie until commercials were on the TV.  We also tried an hour glass to maintain a passionate kiss until the sand slipped away.

But what we really enjoy doing is “strategically” placing flavors on the other’s body so that each kiss location would be something different.  The flavors included various fruits and spices we use to prepare pies and tarts.  We had to find and identify the flavors on the other.

Many of the flavors were interesting, but the most intriguing flavor was when she gargled with a mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.  She knows I love eating pumpkin pie, but this was a great idea to get the longest kiss ever.  It took several hours before we stopped kissing because we fell off to sleep.